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Web · App Download Statistics. Global app downloads hit billion in the forth quarter of , an increase of % from the previous year. In both the App Store Web · Development of total downloads since app launch date. To see how downloads develop after app lauch, we performed a cohort analysis of all Android apps Web · Consumers downloaded a total of billion mobile apps when bifurcated, the average download in Google Play was nearly million applications Web · What makes users download an app? How your target audience uses your application? We’ve got you covered. Here you have data and statistics on app download Web · Since mobile app download statistics show that game and app downloads on iOS declined for the first time last year, from 34 billion downloads in to 32 ... read more

Total number of apps with a rating: , Current number of free apps in the market: 2,, Get full access to our app intelligence data: View subscription options - or -. by McDonalds USA, LLC. by Apero Game Publishing. Ad networks. Promote your Android app. Developer services Android App Promotion Monetize Your Android App Track ranking of your Android App AppBrain SDK Apptimizer. South Korea leads the world in both the number of installed and used apps, with an average of around installed and 40 used apps. Meanwhile, the low numbers of installed apps in China just over 50 are probably reflective of the limited number of mobile devices with high storage capacities. Consider that a quarter of all apps globally are installed, tried once, then left to linger on the smartphone without being deleted.

All Android phones come with Google Play Store by default including Samsung, which also has its own store. The most successful ads are those conducted over social media, with Ads on websites and TV are the least-common method cited for finding new apps. This likely has to do with the fact that mobile apps are not as commonly advertised offline. Additionally, it seems people pay much more attention to social networks and apps that they use on a regular basis. If we consider that the average person sleeps between seven and eight hours and works for another eight, three hours spent on the phone each day seem like an awful lot. The majority of that time is spent on social networks or playing mobile games. If download and usage patterns maintain their current course, mobile app usage statistics in will be even more worrying.

When it comes to mobile apps download statistics are often not accurate indicators of what apps actually get used the most by people. The reason for this is that many commonly used apps - such as YouTube, iTunes, and Gmail - come pre-installed on many Android and iOS devices. Educational apps are another popular app category according to downloads, but were mentioned by only There are 2,, rated and , unrated games on the Google Play Store. Most popular apps and games are rated very highly. As of writing this article, there are only , rated apps on the store, compared to 1,, unrated ones. The most common rating bracket is 4, Astute readers might notice that other sources report much smaller numbers for the total number of apps on Google Play Store.

The reason for this is that Google periodically deletes inactive and suspicious apps based on app usage data, but the company is not always that astute. The number has grown by around 35, apps year-on-year, and by nearly , since Q1 This store also has the top apps for Android and the most popular games, such as Minecraft. However, its selection of apps and average app download statistics pale in comparison to the big app stores. While still trailing behind industry leader Google Play Store in terms of general app statistics such as the total number of apps and app downloads, Apple is a long way ahead of other mobile app stores. It has also come a long way since its launch 11 years ago, when the service debuted with just apps available. While Google is undoubtedly leading the market in terms of available apps and app downloads, Apple is king when it comes to actually monetizing the market. The growth rate is projected to be a healthy This is up by 6.

The number of App Store downloads is projected to surpass 30 billion by the end of and reach around 37 billion by The growth rate will slow down to 4. Q3 itself was a 3. Sensor Tower looks at app revenue generated by people directly spending money on the app store, whether through buying apps and games or making in-app purchases. Enter in-app purchases, the key revenue generator for app stores worldwide. Free App Store apps often offer various account upgrades and games offer in-game currency or cosmetic options for real money. However, Apple tends to have more paid apps and games than Google, and hence the revenue split is a little different.

App statistics can vary a lot, so take this info with a grain of salt. As of writing this article, the average number of new apps weekly is between , September has been the most productive month of with 93, new apps, while August has had the fewest new apps 24, Google Play Store averages around twice the number of new apps on a daily basis. If we look at mobile app download statistics by country, China has a significant lead over the United States, which took second place with 1. Japan was third in App Store downloads during Q3 with million, followed by Great Britain million and Russia million. All countries except for China saw a growth trend compared to the same period last year. For this reason, the games category takes up Other popular App Store download categories include business apps 9.

Nevertheless, they tend to be some of the most popular mobile apps when it comes to downloads and mobile app usage statistics in Within that launch week, the game blew past other popular App Store games on the US store as well, with nearly nine million downloads in the United States alone. Other top games on the App Store were FunRace3D, with around 26 million downloads, Aquapark. io 25 million , and Jelly Shift with nearly 20 million downloads during Q3 A similar distribution can be found on the US, with the only major difference being that Jelly Shift took second place behind Mario Kart. In Q3 it had nearly 35 million downloads, ahead of Instagram with around 33 million. The fourth and fifth most downloaded apps during this period were WhatsApp and Google Maps, with around 27 million downloads each. Netflix grew significantly during the quarter, enabling it to re-enter the top 10 club, ahead of Gmail.

Other notable publishers among mobile app download stats are Voodoo, SayGames, and the Alibaba Group. Google won another decisive victory in this category thanks to having three of the 10 top apps for iOS: YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail. When it comes to mobile game revenue, Fortnite now reigns supreme over the previous long term title-holder Candy Crush. The long-awaited app version of the popular battle royale game launched on October 1st and had racked up 2,, unique downloads by the end of the month. Candy Crush managed 1,, downloads during October, while ROBLOX was third with 1,, downloads. Homescapes, Toon Blast, and PokemonGO were also there, as was another popular battle royale: PUBG.

Sensor Tower reports this number to be much larger around 3. Either way, Google Play Store is the largest app store around, ahead of the Apple App Store, which has around 1. When it comes to popular app stores, Google dominates most statistics, such as the number of apps available and apps downloaded. However, when it comes to app revenue stats, it lags quite a way behind its greatest competitor - Apple - by quite some margin. When it comes to app download data, Google is the undisputed king of all app stores on the market. The projected growth rate is slowing down, though. It was Still, these projected statistics have the number of Google Play app downloads nearly doubling that figure by the time comes around. This represents a growth of Global app download statistics for the Android platform do not come only from the Play Store, though.

Make your Android app more popular Advertise on Google Play with AppBrain app promotion Check it out. Sign up. Log in. Google Play stats. Android app download statistics on Google Play. The Google Play store classifies each Android app into a download count range or bracket, and this histogram shows how many apps are in each bracket: Download distribution of Android apps.

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Nov 16,  · In the third quarter of , users downloaded billion apps from Google Play, signaling a slowing growth trend for the year when compared to the billion downloads Statistics. What's new in version • Completely redesigned interface, making the application easier to use • Now you can send the results of calculations via email! • Added support to Web · App Download Statistics. Global app downloads hit billion in the forth quarter of , an increase of % from the previous year. In both the App Store Web · Since mobile app download statistics show that game and app downloads on iOS declined for the first time last year, from 34 billion downloads in to 32 Web · Development of total downloads since app launch date. To see how downloads develop after app lauch, we performed a cohort analysis of all Android apps Apr 30,  · App Downloads Statistics on the Google Play Store Fortunately for app creators, getting the download data of your app is plain sailing. Google encourages creators and ... read more

Mexican English Translator. What's new in version 2. We find good deals, amazing gadgetry, and sturdy software. The growth rate will slow down to 4. In order for your app to be successful, you need to understand what consumers want.

by Apero Game Publishing. What is the most popular app app download statistics the world in ? There certainly were smartphones and even apps before the IPhone. Other popular iOS apps and games that are free include Fortnite Mobile, PokemonGo, app download statistics, Snapchat, and ITunes. Wildcard characters can be used to help with word games like crosswords and scrabble where only some of the letters are known, or you have to find an anagram, or with spelling. For this reason, the games category takes up Submit Cancel.