Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 85

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13 thoughts on “Gung Hay Fat Choy Episode 85

  1. yee chen finally has more natural hair style… it was horrible since the beginning till the beginning of this episodes..

  2. honestly in real life I wouldn’t have feelings to Ah Da this kind of guy …find his mannerism annoying…stuttering everytime he speaks. -_-

  3. 为什么到现在都没看见天心…
    每次在办公室里都没看见她 , 那宇真又坐在她的位子,那她啦…

    • 哎呦,梁芷晴很早就离队了,娱乐新闻有报道啊!总之青春之泉的职员都离开七七八八了!!很厉害哦,少了很多人还能运作的这么成功!呵呵!

  4. It seems as though the screenwriter wants to end everything all at once.. the congressman suddenly became a good father.. bitch-boy suddenly regrets and turns away from evil thoughts.. piano-prince suddenly gets a donor.. it’s too fast and a bit irritating to be honest =.=

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