Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 73

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113 thoughts on “Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 73

  1. 迫人家跟她結婚還好意思要求求婚??吸了大麻沒退是嗎?!!編劇可不可以編說政君卡到陰..然後狂吃屎致死??這樣我會比較爽!!

  2. More i watch more i understand that this is the perfect portrait about the uhappy and bittery ppl . where most marriages end up 🙂 and whos fault is that.. ofc the participants oe. Since they do concous choices to be unhappy.. 

  3. 今天補看這陣子沒空看的. 先上來看大家的comments.
    嗯.. 怎麼大家也都瘋了. 我先去吃顆藥先. 不然等會兒也瘋了..

  4. Zheng jun finally did something right at the end of this episode. Hahaha
    Hopefully she’ll come to the right state of mind soon lol

  5. How I wish that when they exchange their vows, instead of reading out Jia Hua’s name, he reads out HAI FENG’s name. That will be super cool. Especially when she says that she agrees first. THEN SHE WILL BE STUCK WITH HAI FENG! I mean seriously. Two crazy people = PERFECT MATCH.

  6. i still dont understand why this is up to episode 80!! this drama can be cut down to 30/40 episode.. (by cutting down all that stupid dumb bitch zheng jun scene!!!!)

  7. I just wanna say the actress that act as zheng jun, the first time she appear in this drama, her very first scene in this drama, I already dislike her. She got this really bitchy look. Even if she act as a nice lady, her face still 欠揍.

  8. 巧克力金色的十字架項鍊和手環都很好看…上網搜尋都沒有…有人知道哪裡買得到嗎?感謝~

  9. so… Chia-Rei’s role is to jump on Chia Hwa’s back whenever he’s getting married? He ran to Cheng Jun telling her Chia Hwa was gonna get married. Today, he ran to Xi en telling her Chia Hwa was gonna get married… he sure is busy at minding other’s business…

  10. 我不想接著看”愛上巧克力二部曲”~~!

    上次建議編導續寫婚後二部曲,沒想到你真的給我這樣寫! 好大的膽啊!!











  11. 因为编剧已经疯了…不知道如何完成他写的所有的烂摊子.这个电视剧真的是从好看到百分百不好看。希恩好可憐哦, 今天真的是痛徹心肺了,她真的哭了很惨。我看了也伤心难过啊。。:(巧克力啊,你真的是让我很失望,不知道如何说你啊。巧克力真的也疯了啊。。。

  12. AHHHH!!! I hate Zheng Jun!! Ughh someone just send her to a mental hospital! Actually, I would take her there and give her a big hard slap on her hideous face =D. But I feel so sad for Xi en :'( and also Jia Hua but seriously if he doesn’t want Xi En hurt than he should tell Zheng Jun to get over it and they will NEVER get back together and when I mean NEVER I mean NEVER NEVER!!!!!! But on the other hand, Xi Hui is so stupid!! She knows she will get hurt if she is with 007 but she’s risking her life for this kind of love?? But Xi Hui and 007 are good together =P so is Xi en And Chocolate and especially Hai Feng and Zheng Jun… hehe!!!! And seriously Chocolate and Zheng Jun’s marriage? Eww, sounds disgusting!! And for a year? Seriously, that is never gonna happen cuz ik for a fact that after one year, she will say I still love u to Jia Hua and then this stupid marriage would be forever =(. But let’s hope that the next episode will be better!! Just 7 more to go!! 🙂 I love u Vanness, Xi En, Xi Hui and so on except for hideous Zheng Jun and crazy Hai Feng! Go Xi En!! Ik u can do it <3 

    • Jezly, if u are just starting to watch I strongly suggest you drop this idea. this is not a nice series to watch. It is wasting time and kinda stupid just because the producer and scriptwriter need to make it a 80 episodes series…..

  13. they are dragging this way too much—> been skipping like no other mother f ker that more watch this for like 48 minutes!

  14. 都只是責任啊 只是她的眼瞎了
    巧克力做了什麼事干她什麼事啊 奇怪了

  15. practically skimmed through this episode… think im gonna stop watching this…. S I G H REGRET NOT STOPPING THIS DRAMA EARLIER! LIKE WHY DIDNT I STOP AT EP 20 OR SOMETHING 

    • OR…’i know you (qiaokeli) so well, you are DEEPLY in love with you, stop denying it. stop lying to yourself. I’m the VIP of your life!” *YAWN*

  16. I really dont think 希恩 is the 不敗女孩 she says she is… i mean shes so weak… and such a pushover when jia hua was treating her bad… and not speaking up for herself and fighting for her own love (like what xi hui said) 

  17. i’m sure i will upset a lot of people by saying this, but if I had a crazy girl like zheng jun following me around.. I would be a bit worried like Jia Hua too.. I mean if he doesnt do what she tells him to do, she’s basically going to attack everyone around him.. she wont even listen to her brother.. I mean thats REALLY SCARY…I’m kinda understanding why he had to agree to her terms so that not just xi en but her family wouldnt be hurt as well.

    She’s also capable to make herself look weak and have people take her side because she’ll act weak and say that Jia Hua is harassing her. .etc.. 

    Now I’m starting feel a bit scared to see what else she’s got in store for him….. I think someone mentioned this before too but yeah, I’m starting to see why the writers wrote the story the way it is, to show there are people like her around in this world.. YIKES!

    • ya i think you do have a point. The fact that she can get herself knocked over is an indication that she is willing to do anything and everything just so she can get JH to be with her. *shudders* You know i have been wondering why the scriptwriters are bringing her to the extreme (actually, i suddenly recall that thai lakorns have a lot of evil second leads as well, and they are really really evil… ), ooo, have the scriptwriters been watching lots of thai lakorns? XDDD (i enjoy an occasional thai lakorn now and then by the way) Ya you do have a point, a drama is but a magnification of real life… hopefully we don’t encounter any ZJs along the way….

      • Thanks for agreeing but yeah… I AM SOO hoping I dont encounter any female/male version of ZJ’s  in real life.. otherwise, I’d have to call friends/family and even the cops if necessary!!! 😀

    • But I also feel like she is about to let go of Jia Hua. And at least she did something good in this episode by calling the cops to try to help her brother…

  18. I think 007’s inability to deal with Haifeng has definitely taken the wind out of his sail.  The way that he talks is even different now.  He does not sound as firm as before.  That’s good acting but makes me feel so sorry for 007.  

  19. LZJ is trying to look for her own happiness. love is selfish. she is just being more selfish then other people due to lack of security. what she needs is more time spent alone with JH without any external inteference. In reality there are not many marry out of love but responsibility, expectation, companionship, etc. love can be nurtured after hitched. moreover, love and passionate will subside in a relationship after sometime and it is companionship keeps things going….

  20. 巧克力, 我跟你说要‘解决’ that girlwithgolfishpout 很简单…报案。
    记不记得她五年前干了什么事?谋杀或是误杀都是杀。所以要’girlwithgoldfishpout’ 城市的去面对自己,她必须对自己的行为负责, i.e, do the crime, do the time!
    Come on, 台湾还是一个讲法律的国家.surely ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’ cannot be allowed to get away with murder. who knows the guy she killed may be 海峰疯子的…


  21. From when the wedding was canceled in Episode 55 up to the car accident (Episode 67), there were at least ray of hopes and development. The OTP was still rational, and decided the best way to solve the ZJ woe is to get married, and of course, because they wanted to be with together.

    But, “bang”, things just started spiraling down when the scriptwriters decided to twist ZJ to the utmost. It’s Episode 73 now and we have seen 6 episodes of a weepy/whiny ZJ and a zombie Jia Hua. There have been no hints of development and progress towards a good solution of ZJ’s problems, except her getting worse and more twisted. Every time we see someone trying to talk sense to ZJ/JH, we hear them repeat the same thing: “I love JH!” or “I don’t want to hurt Xi En! What else can I do?”

    All I am hoping now is that the writers are purposely making making ZJ’s character go the extremes of the extreme so that when she gets her karma, we get to celebrate in might victory! 

    The 007-Xi Hui story line. It always seems that there might be a potential for progress, but we only see scenes of Vampire coming to disturb and making things worse, which makes me wonder why 007 was not shown to be pro-actively seeking a solution re the Vampire. Or, perhaps maybe he has been doing something behind the scenes but he held back, due to several concerns that he might have. 

    In this episode, while he was cooking, he recalled the Daddy Hong’s words about not letting Xi Hui meet him until all is safe. Daddy Hong also said something along the lines that he doesn’t care what Zheng Ting does to get the problem solved. And with that, he made a call, telling his followers to now do what he had ordered previously. I wonder what he ordered them to do? 

    Also, after reading a comment from Baidu Tieba, perhaps 007 needed a push to do that something to solve the problem. And the push is from Daddy Hong who took Xi Hui away from him, temporarily. If he wants to be with Xi Hui, he needs to solve the problem quick, regardless of the means. So perhaps all the Vampire-pranks were just a culmination to the temporal separation for the couple, perhaps to help 007 realize that he really wants Xi Hui by his side and he needs to take action blah blah blah…

    Anyway, I don’t even know why I am trying to analyse this mess…. “-__-

    Am crossing my fingers that tomorrow’s episode will shed some light of hope. 6 more episodes left and I think everyone has been pushed to their extremes already (007, Xi En, Jia Hua), and of course including us viewers. I mean, who wants to see an evil second lead in every single episode??? Enough is enough. No more flip-flops. No more circles. No more so-called build ups. It’s time to tie up each thread neatly.

    Sigh, I personally think the script since Episode 67-ish re Jia Hua-Xi En’s line has really been disappointing. I didn’t expect this for a so-called new “华人剧” genre, and from SETTV. Such a pity for a drama that could have been!

    • yeah and the other daily SETTV dramas before this was actually doing pretty well in ratings (Inborn Pair…don’t remember what the one before that one was) so I wonder how this one fairs since its been spiraling down the drain in such a fast rate… but I like your thoughts.. I agree that we need a light of hope.. been looking for that myself in the recent episodes too. 😀

      • Lol thanks for reading my long rants XD Talking about Inborn Pair (my all-time favourite!), I actually went to have a look at the scriptwriters for IP and TAC, and two of the writers from IP are in the TAC team as well. So I thought there could perhaps be a similar trend in terms of writing but I was wrong.

        You know, in IP, from the climatic angst in Ep 63 up to the most bling-bling reconciliation in Episode 80, there were also signs of hope and development towards the OTP getting back together. Even the evil second lead had a temporal triumph, downfall and redemption in those 16 episodes, with minimal screen time. But if’s a totally different story for TAC. Haha. Everyone is saying that the main character aint JH/XE, 007/XH, but Vampire + Witch… Sometimes I wish i can go into a scriptwriter’s mind to know what they are really thinking.. “-_-

        I aint sure what the ratings are for TAC as I have not been following this drama as avidly as I did for IP. But I do know the fan-base in FB aint a happy lot as well XDDD Everyone is pretty much on the same page: “Get that ZJ off the screen now!!!!” XDDDD

        • I think IP is a much more cohesive story whereas TOC is all over the place.  As much as I like 007 and Xi Hui, I don’t think they were meant to have so much screen time at first since 007 is not even in the beginning video and Xi Hui is barely there.  However, the writers did not count on the audience’s favorable response to 007 and Xi Hui so they started writing more and more for them and Jia Hua and Xi En’s story just also started to drag on big time.  What they have now is a mess and it going downhill at warp speed.

          Personally, I don’t think Jia Hua and Xi En have as much chemistry as 007 and Xi Hui.  I have been skipping to just watch 007 and Xi Hui for many episodes already.  It’s too bad that the writers are letting 007 and Xi Hui’s story drag on as well.  How many times does Xi Hui have to throw herself at 007?  Good grief.

          Final verdict is that this drama really sucks.  At least I hope Bobby Dou and Yau Yau will get more attention after this.  I wouldn’t mind watching another drama with them as lead actors but just not 80 episodes long.

      •  ps: Inborn Pair is the first “Chinese People Drama” (华人电视剧) produced by SETTV, followed by Ti Amo Chocolate. They also have another one airing at 9pm (Gung Hay Fat Choy 我们发财了). Sweet Sweet Bodyguard will follow TAC 🙂

  22. Can’t be bother to scold ZhengJun anymore. I’m just hopping that calling the police is gonna help 007 to deal with HaiFeng, if not I worry for XiHui & him.

  23. he didn’t know what to do will i am freaking mad he can just say no and get back to 希恩
    one year of marriage will make 希恩 really sad and get together with someone else
    7 more episodes to go just want to know the boring drama ending

  24. 還是說其實我們都誤會了…趙海峰和陸賤君才是男女主角…

    拜託,編劇大人,put this mess into an end!!!!

  25. 是不是陸瘋子和趙瘋子傳染給編劇讓編劇也瘋了?
    兩個超搶戲的  又不是犯罪或瘋狂小三為主的戲
    這樣怎麼轉哪!  八十集寫不夠爽咩?
    fallow此劇那麼久  是因為很好看和主演超讚才跟了那麼久
    好review  comment寫不了那麼多
    我忍不住想開罵啦!!     ~ 怒火中燒~
                                                                                                 以上為氣話  冒犯之處見諒


    知道真相的小小和威力趕快跳出來呀!!!!!!!!      急急急!!!!!!!


    振作哪家驊  拿出副總的明理  問問律師



    007 sait


      • 奇怪?家瑞之 前不都是廣播電台的台柱專門放消息,衝得很。這次怎麼這麼乖,家樺要他不要說出結婚的原因,他還真的都什麽不說!!

  26. I just feel Xi Hui & 007 parts getting draggy~~! Losing my patience. Initially thought the “Lao Da” will be the key person to resolve 007 & Hai Feng bad blood but now i don’t think so. Looks like 007 himself will have to settle these. 

    Next Episode: Xi Hui hugged 007 again at his house when they were talking, seems like Xi Hui is really worried, so while they were talking, she hugged. She is going to be kidnapped again!!!!!!

  27. 本来就是一部很好的电视剧!唉…. Vannes, Joanne, 委屈啦 🙁






  28. 妈的!火都来了!可以直接解决问题吗?为什么海峰这么闲空?老大不是很多事情做的吗?为什么不可以让007和希惠一个甜蜜的时刻?还有巧克力到底在干什么?完全和我当初看的集数完全不一样!怎么像个懦夫????希恩为什么可以白痴到这样?!!! 如果真的让政君抢走巧克力,那我也只能说希恩活该!怎么有电视剧让看的我这么累!!!编剧你真是拖戏拖到离谱!

  29. 其實我覺得編劇是因應80集來創作的,要不然他不用作那麽爛的劇情,在希恩和家樺結婚那一集就完了不是很好嗎?

  30. 該怎麼辦?就告訴陸肖喳某他不愛她,無論她要生要死也不可能逼他愛她!然後就不再回應那個瘋婆子。巧克力這樣跟她拖拖拉拉的更加給她理由去瘋。

    • better don watch it because it will make you more fed up with this drama….
      still got that bitch zheng jun scene and not much on xien & ckl, 007 & xihui……

  31. 可怜的希恩, 她真的哭了很惨。 我看了也伤心难过啊。。希恩啊, 你是不拜女孩哦, 所以你以顶要加油加油加油哦。。
    还有七集, 我真的不知道编剧会写什么样的故事,因为他也疯了。

  32. The script writers must have written themselves into a corner with 007/Xi Hui’s storyline.  By trying to develop their story and give 007 all the exciting scenes earlier they now don’t know how to resolve the situation with Haifeng.  It’s just stupid that 007 would even consider returning into the mafia life. He’s too much at stake–Xi Hui and his sister.  He would never do that.  He already knows from previous experience that by being in the mafia even to protect them would be the wrong thing to do because that’s what will hurt them the most.

    The writers are taking some of the 007’s charm away by making him look like he cannot resolve the problem with Haifeng.  So far, the only thing he has done to solve the problem is nothing beside the bike race.  007’s inaction make him seem weak and not a man of his words–not very likable.  With the introduction of those younger characters he’s even dug a deeper hole for himself with regard to Haifeng.  How is Haifeng ever going to leave him alone?  007 a mature and smart man and should now by doing nothing or even as he siad ‘talk terms’ will not make Haifeng back away.  He should know that if he backs down once Haifeng will come back again and again.  To paraphrase a line from Air Force One, “Now that we know you’ll negotiate, there are many other things we need.”

    There are not very many options for 007:
    1)  Stands his ground and not give in to Haifeng then he has to either get body guards for Xi Hui and family or leave her then send his sister away.  Not good for Xi Hui but great for Jia Hua and Xi En.  Overall, still not a good ending for the drama if he leave Xi Hui.
    2)  Get incriminating evidence against Haifeng and get the police involved.  This maybe a possibility since Hong Ba always said that Taiwan is a land of law.  007 and Xi Hui will be together.  This maybe what will happen if you see the entire ending of the song, Xi Hui looks like she’s being kidnapped.  Great chance to get the police involved.
    3)  Get back into the mafia world and get rid of Haifeng.  Not good for Xi Hui and the drama again because Hong Ba will not let Xi Hui be with 007 afterwards.  Also, I don’t think a drama will suggest that the only way to deal with the mafia is through the mafia.

    It’s way overdue to end the plot with Haifeng.  It’s no fun watching 007/Xi Hui be in limbo even though I like both characters. 

    • Thank you for the options. Unlikely he will return to mafia. Just don’t understand why the writers want to make things complicated with the “Lao Da” man, the 4 kids, and Xi Hui kidnappeda again!!! Option 2 is the easiest way out, finish Hai Feng asap and let Xi Hui & Boss have more time together~!!!!! 

  33. Is it they want to make the ZJ actress famous? Cos seem a lot of her sence. The storyvseem fall on her now and xi en is no more important in this show. To think that in the beginjng she got touched by qkl on her breast. All effort seem wasted. Now i only read on the comment. If have 007 then i will watch. Tonight got 007 not?

  34.  我觉得洪爸和洪妈还是喜欢巧克力的。。在希恩家,巧克力放松多, 他可以做自己了. 最后,他也笑了。。

  35. the story line is really stupid….. a highly educated person- qkl is being dragged around by a wicked women – and be compliant to what she had requested ….. hilarious …. would someone actually do that…. haaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaaa   

    Both producer and the script writer are crazy……. 

  36. What’s happened to this sweet rom-com? it’s has turned into a psycho-thriller NIGHTMARE!!!
    Now that Qiaokeli has ‘explained’ his predicament, well it’s is easier to see the whole situation from his point of view. BUT, this whole twist just doesn’t work because ‘girl with goldfish pout’ is just not the right actress for this role – she managed to show that she is mental but failed to show her sinister side. Hence, when Qiaokeli is worried about what she will do to Xien, it’s just not convincing at all.
    To sum up, the problem & failure of ‘Ti Amo chocolate’ lies fairly & squarely on ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’…the entire cast 都被她‘拖下水’了!

    • hahaha!! your comment made me laugh!
      yes she is just not convincing. 
      plus honestly, if shes really crippled, what can she do to xi en?
      oh just break her legs for real and lock her in the room already.

      • well, we know for certain that she wouldn’t be able to ‘run into another car accident’!

        To be honest, i just feel sorry for the rest of the cast..all their talent wasted just to for the sake of this ‘girlwithgoldfishpout’

    • All I can do is agree with you wholeheartedly… I wonder if the writers changed halfway. I know that’s what happens sometimes in Korean dramas. 

      • ta!
        If the writers are suffering from ‘writer’s block’ well, i’m sure there are many of us here more than willing to help them out. At the moment, I find the comments far more entertaining & amusing than the show itself.
        when are they going to catch on and produce an ‘interactive’ drama…power to the people!

  37. i am yawning now. the storyline has not moved on – zj is still fixated on jiahua; ckl and xien are still apart; and 007 has not resolved haifeng issue. 7-hui part is on the recycle track – 007 has to stay away from xihui to keep her safe (and i presume will eventually reunite again). sigh.  

  38. omg!! can someone just go n kill tat bitch zheng jun??!!! hai feng tat insane shud jz kill this bitch!!! seriously pissed off wif her!!! wtfff!!!

  39. 不敗女孩希恩今天真的是痛徹心肺了,好可憐哦!我都想哭了!-__-



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